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We all love frozen berries whether we eat them in yoghurt or just as a snack by themselves. Recent news about “Nana’s Frozen Berries” has mortified all of Australia. 

I was appalled to be informed that due to the lack of hygiene of the Chinese and Chilen employees that hand pick berries for the Nana’s company, have been contaminating the fruits with HEPATITIS A! 

Hepatitis A is contagious. Nine individuals have already been affected by this horrible infection in Australia and many individuals think that this could be the start of an outbreak of Hepatitis A in Australia. 

We really do need to now be very cautious and tentative to the foods we consume and double check where they have come from and the condition of that place at that time. 

All we can do, is sit and hope that it does not spread any further and that China and Chile start to pull their socks up with their hygiene when they pick their fruits so that they don’t put anymore people’s health at